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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Tensile Shades Suppliers Tensile Shade Structures in Sharjah

Tensile Shades Suppliers Tensile Shade Structures in Sharjah


Our Special fabric for TENSILE SHADES allows air circulation making shade area be cooler and provide maximum sun protection from harmful UV Rays. Tensile shades help you in both the sun and rain environment. Tensile Shades help to increase the life of your car by blocking the burning sun rays as well in rain and it is made up of world high class fabrics like PVC, PTFE and HDPE which are highly Flame Radiant, Tear Resistant, UV Resistant, Snow Resistant and Wind Resistant.

Al Duha Tents are proud to fit any of your Tensile shades need with the availability of all custom and elegant design according to your needs in UAE cities Like Sharjah, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Al Ain with a perfect and satisfied overall outcome. Tensile Shades help you to increase the beauty of your home.

Tensile Shades Suppliers Tensile Shade Structures in SharjahTensile Shades, are mainly used for the outdoor, whenever you want to plan a trip and want to go outside Tensile shade help you to prevent from sun as well it helps you in rain which is plus. These shades are quick to install which is really quite obvious and is even the reason why you can easily collapse it and use for another reason.

Advantages of Tensile Shades are

Protect you From Burning sun Rays and rain.
Maintain gloss and shine of vehicle.
Protect Wind Screen from Crack.
Reduce cracking of win screen.
Make your electronics Keep Safe .
Reduce Heat in the Car
Increase Beauty of Your Home.

"Tensile Shades Suppliers Tensile Shades Structures in Sharjah"

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