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5 Types Of Awnings That You Can Install For Your Home

If you don’t like being exposed to the fury of hot sun then installing durable awnings could be a good option for you. These can provide you a lot of comfort from the heat on hot summer days. Getting these installed will help you to feel comfortable and will also make you feel relaxed in rains and summers. Shades like these come in different size, shapes and designs. You will have to analyze your needs and accordingly choose what is best fit for you. These can be termed as temporary or permanent structures that you can install.

Cheap Awnings Suppliers and Wholesalers

Some different types of awnings which you can buy and get installed are mentioned below.

As this is one type of shade which is attached to the exteriors of your house make sure that you buy something that is sturdy. Only then you can ensure durability irrespective of the weather conditions.

Type 1: Retractable traditional-patio

Motorized Retractable Awning

These are ones which fold up or even roll. They are the ones that are most opted for due to the flexibility that they offer. When you want to restrict the dust and dirt coming in then you can roll them up. The best part is that these can also soak up all the harmful rays of the sun. These can be put away in bad weather and you can be sure of less maintenance for the frames of these shades.
Photo by Harold Leidner Landscape Architects – Discover traditional patio design inspiration

Type 2: Motorized

As compared to the retractable ones these are more convenient to use and install. This is mainly because they are better than the manual retractable awnings which are very expensive.

Type 3: Portable

These kinds of shades are the ones that can be moved from one place to the other. Though they are not very sturdy you can expect good protection from the sun and other dust particles.
Discover transitional patio design inspiration

Type 4: Stationary 

These are permanently attached to your door or windows in the exteriors like a patio, deck or the windows in general. As they are very stable and sturdy they can easily stand up against rain, winds and lot more. You can also get these customized according to your needs and requirements. Another benefit of these awnings is that these can fit your oddly shaped deck too.
Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design – More transitional deck photos

Type 5: Window covers

If you have direct sunlight coming into your house which needs to be blocked, having these specially designed window covers installed will be a good idea. These can be motorized, stationary or even retractable ones. You can get them installed just to add elegant looks to the interiors of your house.

Browse traditional exterior photos

As these awnings are available in many different types of materials, it is important to analyze what is best for you. You should analyze your needs first because buying stuff according to the same will be easy. Some good materials which you can choose from include metal, acrylic, vinyl and lot more. Each of these will have their own benefits.

More modern deck ideas

If you are unable to look for the best type of awnings for your house you can start with the research online also. There are many different stores that will help you with this type of information. Before you make any purchase it is essential that you take a look at the reputation of the manufacturer or supplier. This is because only then you can be sure of the best stuff for your house.

Discover traditional patio design ideas

With every shade or cover you install, you can be sure that the house will be kept cool and cozy in every season. You can also enjoy the outdoor porch and deck parties with your family as well as friends. Once you install these you can be sure of keeping your patio furniture from fading away.

Cheap Awnings Suppliers and Wholesalers

                      Manual Awnings

Drop Arm Awnigns is Protected from Harmfull UV Rays.

Cheap Awnings Suppliers and Wholesalers

Motorized Awnings 

Motorized Awnings and Remote Awnings is Easy To Used HarmFull UV Race its Retrectable.

 Coffee Shop Awnings  Fix & Remote Awnings

Coffee Shops Awnings is Perfect Shade to Safe Harmful UV Rays.

Drop Aram Awnings

Full Covered Awnings

Covered Awnigns all Sides Gave Shades in the Sun and UV Protective.

 Custom Made Awnings

Customs Made Awnings Manufacturers Installation as Demand on Valuable Clients in UAE.

 Swimming Pool Awnings

Swimming Pool Awnings Make Beautiful Your Simming Pool and Give you Perfect Shades.

 UV Protective Awnings

UV Protective Awnings is a Modern Way of Living in Luxury Style.

 Entrence Canopy Awning

Entrence Canopy Awnigns is Beautiful Looks for Hotels.

 Fixed Awnings 

Fixed Awnings Benefits is More Protective from Sun Harmful Rays if Best Use for Shops and Showrooms.

Showroom Fix Awnings

Showroom Fix Awnings is Use to Protected From sun rays and look beautiful

 Polycarbonate Awnings

Polycarbonate Awnings Strong and Long time Use Best Use for Entrence Doors and Windows

Awnings Suppliers Awnings Manufacturers Cheap Awnings Fixed Awnigns Patio Awnings Garden Awnings

Cheap Awnings Suppliers and Wholesalers


0505773027 / 0568181007

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